441 Cobalt 40 Marine Motor

441 Cobalt 40 Marine Motor

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441 Cobalt 40 Marine Motor

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Cobalt 40 Direct Drive Motor for fast scale boats
The motor comes with a fan,coupler and an astro motor connector side

Model NumberPart 441
Running Voltage12 to 18 volts
Running Current5 to 35 Amps
Running Power 60 to 500 Watts
Prop Size 40 to 50 mm
Speed Constant 800 rpm per volt
Torque Constant 1.7 inch ounces per amp
Typical Speed at 12 volts 9000 rpm
Motor Diameter 1.67 inches
Motor Length2.8 inches
Motor ConnectorAstroflight male/motor side
Motor Winding 8 turns
ConnectorYou may need the female side part#527
Motor Weight 12oz
Shaft Diameter1/4 in
Coupler Diameter1/8 in
All motors feature Cobalt Magnets, Adjustable Timing,and Replaceable Brushes

For an explanation of motor terminology and parameters, please click here.