441G Cobalt 40 Geared Marine Motor

441G Cobalt 40 Geared Marine Motor

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441G Cobalt 40 Geared Marine Motor

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The AstroFlight Cobalt 40 Geared Motor, ratio 1.63 to 1 is made for large scale boats with displacement
hulls like the Shelly Foss and Mr Darby. This motor is also used on
large electric powered Blimps. It comes with a cooling fan. and motor side astro connector.

Model NumberModel 441G
Running Voltage12 to 18 Volts
Running Current5 to 35 Amps
Prop Size50 to 60 mm
Gear Ratio1.63 (31/19)
Motor Speed490 rpm/volt
Torque Constant2.7 inch ounces per amp
Typical Speed at 12 volts6000 rpm
Motor Winding8 turns
Motor Length2.8 inches
Motor Weight12 ounces
All motors feature Cobalt Magnets, Adjustable Timing,and Replaceable Brushes

For an explanation of motor terminology and parameters, please click here.