713 Superbox for Cobalt 25 and 40 motors

713 Superbox for Cobalt 25 and 40 motors

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713 Superbox for Cobalt 25 and 40 motors

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Superbox 3.1 to 1 ratio for cobalt 25 and 40 motors

Designed for Astro Cobalt 25 and 40
Reduction Ratio3.1 to 1
Output Gear59 tooth
Pinion Gear 19 tooth
Motor shaft 1/4 inch diameter
Prop Shaft5/16 inch diameter
Prop Nut5/16 x 24
Housing Aluminum
BearingsBall Bearings
Firewall MountFour 6-32 screws
Motor Screws Two 6032 screws
Motor Centers1 inch
Gear Box Weight2.25 ounce
Gear Box length1 inch

Please be sure to lubricate the metal gears before running the

gearbox at high power and after every hour of use. Any light grease will

work fine. We use bike grease or white lithium grease. Make sure there is

proper clearance between the gears. To set the clearance place a narrow

strip of computer paper between the pinion and spur gears,press the gears

together, then tighten the mounting screws. Then turn the shafts to eject the

paper strip and go play!