801LM-10t 010 (MOTOR ONLY)

801LM-10t 010 (MOTOR ONLY)

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801LM-10t 010 (MOTOR ONLY)

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Astro Micro 010 motor 10T This is a new motor and is designed to replace the 14 turn


Motorp/n 801LM-10t
Stator Winding10 Turns
Rpm/Volt 2500 rpm/ volt
Winding Resistance 0.135 ohms
No Load Current 600ma
Rotor magnetssmall cobalt
Max amps15 amps
Max Power 150 watts
BearingsBall Bearings
Motor Length1.30 inches
Motor Diameter0.98 inches
Motor Weight 56 grams
Motor Shaft Diameter1/8 inch
Drive Adaptor 3/16 inch
Max Continuous Amps10 amps

For an explanation of motor terminology and parameters, please click here.