803P 020 Planetary System

803P 020 Planetary System

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803P 020 Planetary System

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System includes Astro 020 five turn motor, 4.4 to 1 planetary gear box and 25 amp sensorless speed control with BEC.

Systemp/n 803P
Stator Winding5 Turns #20
Motor kv 2567 rpm/ volt
Winding Resistance0.075 ohms
Gear Ratio4.4 to 1
Kv with Gear Box 583 rpm/volt
No Load Current 1 amp
Maximum current 20 amps
Maximum Power200 watts
Maximum Motor Rpm40,000 rpm
Maximum Prop Rpm 7,500 rpm
Motor Weight 2.5 ounces
Gear Box Weight1.8 ounces
Control Weight1/2 ounce
Motor Length1.75 inches
Gear Box length1.0 inch
Prop Shaft Diameter4 mm
Control TypeSensorless
Voltage Cut off for Lithiumautomatic
Control Rating25 amps continous
Voltage Range6 to 12 Volts
BEC Rating5 volts at 1 amp

For an explanation of motor terminology and parameters, please click here.