840FM Astro 40 Motor & Midi Wemotec Fan

840FM Astro 40 Motor & Midi Wemotec Fan

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840FM Astro 40 Motor & Midi Wemotec Fan

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Astro 40 Ducted Fan Motor with Wemotec Midi Fan
You will need a High Voltage speed control like a Castle HV85

Ducted Fan UnitWemotec Midi Fan, 6 blades,5mm adaptor
Fan Diameter3.5 inches,90mm inside dia, 92mm outside dia.
Motor Winding3 turns #16
RPM/volt1812 rpm/volt
Resistance25 milliohms
No load current1.6 Amps
Rotor MagnetsSm Cobalt 4 pole
BearingsBall Bearings
Motor Diameter1.45 inches
Motor Length2.50 inches
Motor Weight9 ounces
Motor shaft5 mm dia
Astro ConnectorsAstro Part# 521, we give you the other side for your controller leads
Max Nicads24 cells
Max Lithium7 cells
Maximum Amps70 Amps
Maximum Power1600 watts
Revised March 2008

For an explanation of motor terminology and parameters, please click here.