990S Cobalt 90 Motor with Superbox

990S Cobalt 90 Motor with Superbox

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990S Cobalt 90 Motor with Superbox

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Cobalt 90 Motor w Superbox, 2.7 to 1, 30 to 40 cells 1500W
We also carry a cooling fan for this motor. Please see Motor Parts #Astro434 fan for $2.95
Please email us at the time of order if you need the Battery side of Astro connector,info@astroflight.com

Model No.p/n 990S
Name90 Geared
Gear Ratio2.75 to 1
Armature Winding10 turns
Armature Resistance0.110 ohms
Magnet TypeSm Cobalt
BearingsBall Bearings
Motor Speed /volt92 rpm/volt
Motor Torque/amp5.4 in-oz /amp
Voltage Range24 to 48 volts
No Load Currrent3 amps
Maximum Continuous Current33 amps
Maximum Continuous Power1200 watts
Motor Length4.7 inches
Motor Diameter2.1 inches
Motor Shaft Diameter0.25 inches
Prop Shaft Diameter5/16 inch
Motor Weight34 oz

For an explanation of motor terminology and parameters, please click here.