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The 3215 is the second largest motor of the 32XX series. It is capable of 3KW and weighs approximately 3.1 lbs.

Superior Quality

The goal with the 32XX has been to create a superior quality motor. Starting at the core of the motor, the 32XX uses the highest grade of sintered samarium-cobalt magnet. This is a very high quality magnet that is rarely found on motors of this price point. Typically, manufacturers use neodymium or ferrite magnets to cut costs, but they tend to demagnetize in use. Astro Flight has chosen samarium-cobalt for its high magnetic strength, high temperature capability and virtually zero demagnetization susceptibility. Around the magnetic rotor are high grade ultra-thin annealed stator laminations that ensure low eddy-current and hysteresis losses. To handle high continuous and burst power, every component from the epoxies to the wire insulation has been rated to at least 200°C. Finally, to ensure manufacturing quality, all 32XX motors are designed and manufactured in Astro Flight's facility in Irvine, CA. The design, high quality materials, and manufacturing precision allows the 32XX motors to have a power-to-weight ratio two to the three times that of its competition.

Support and Customization

One of the key features that makes AstroFlight unique is its ability to tailor motors to customers' needs. Since the 32XX motors are built to order and manufactured in-house, customers can request different housings, cooling configurations, shafting, and turn count. The engineering team can assist customers with proper motor selection and customization options.

Quiet and Efficient Performance

The 32XX's stator design and magnetic topology has been designed to produce a very clean trapezoidal back EMF which nearly matches standard square-wave brushless controllers. This makes for nearly silent operation and prevents damage to the controller and power supply.

All these factors allow the 32XX motors to achieve a peak efficiency as high as 94%. Furthermore, the motors maintain their high efficiency over a wide range of voltage and current values. This makes the 32XX flexible in customers' systems.
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Shaft Length

The standard 3215 has 1.3" of shaft protruding from the front face and flush on the back. Customers may specify the amount of shaft length protruding from both sides of the motor.

Temperature Sensor

An optional temperature sensor may be installed into the motor. This temperature sensor is embedded in the coil windings and has a temperature range from -40 to 300 Celsius (-40F to 572F).

Ported Housing

The standard 3215 has a sealed can to protect against environmental elements like dust and dirt. However, we also offer a ported housing option that has large cut-aways in the front and rear faces of the motor to allow better convective cooling of the end turns.

Stock Number
P/N 3215
Typical Winding
5 Turns
Speed Constant
203 rpm/volt
Torque Constant
7.5 inch ounces/amp
Winding Resistance
40 milliohms
No Load Current
1 amp
Max Continuous Amps
75 amps
Peak Amps 1 minute
100 Amps
Typical Voltage Range
18 to 64 volts
Typical Power Range
3,000 to 4,500 watts
Typical Efficiency Range
90 to 95%
Typical Speed Range
6,000 to 10,000 Rpm
24 slot, 8 pole winding
8 pole Sm Cobalt
Two Ball Bearings
Motor Diameter
3.2 inches
Motor Length
3 inches
Motor Weight
3.1 lb.
Motor Shaft 3/8 inch diameter


For an explanation of motor terminology and parameters, please click here.



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